Learn About Our Unique and Creative Brand | Cast

As your style changes, your watch changes with you.

The concept of a fully customisable watch that you can wear for life, yet change with your style, came to founder in a dream. A unique, high-quality watch that can be customised with different faces depending on your style and mood. Something completely fresh, and something that no other brand has done before.

Bringing the watch to life.

From there on, it became their mission to bring the concept to life. Allowing people to express their style and personality without having to invest in a brand new watch every time. Instead of needing 10 different watches, the founder believed in one perfect watch that could be customised and used again and again, for all occasions.

A timeless and beautifully crafted watch.

The design and development took over three years and had to be just right – from the quality Swiss parts to the sapphire glass – and that customers had a multitude of fun, stylish and unique designs to choose from.

A wonderful success story.

Finally, with a beautifully crafted watch and a team of talented artists and graphic designers on board, the Cast watch was born. The founders dream became a reality, and finally the opportunity became available for people to create a watch that met their every need in terms of style and quality.