Our Story

The Founder

The unique watch concept literally came to the founder in a dream, from there on the former graphic design lecturer made it her mission to bring the watch to life and share it with the world. It took over 3 years to perfect the design and finally the Cast Watch was born and her dream a reality.

The Cast Watch

The Cast watch concept brings about creative opportunities, exciting collaborations and forges a community of like minded individuals. The watch is fuelled by the artwork within it and the people who wear it. Each face gives the watch a whole new look, It is this versatility that makes the Cast watch so very special, and the fact that it is the only watch of its kind in the world.


Cast are working with many talented artists, illustrators and designers who are creating custom and limited edition faces to sell in our online gallery space. We are really thrilled to be able to showcase their wonderful work along side our own. If you are interested in becoming a Cast face designer and would like to sell your work in our gallery space, please get in touch.


The Cast watch was born to collaborate and we thrive on working with others, brands. Whether we are matching a watch to a pair of customisable Vans or creating a dress made of Liberty’s fabric we are constantly surprised by how the Cast watch changes its personality when a new face is placed inside the watch. If you wish to collaborate with us please get in touch, info@castwatches.com we would love to hear from you.